moonscape is the first place in nexus, it represents whatever happened to the earth after a terrible meteorite cluster shower stamped the earth also it gives you first chance to fight in the real world out there, in the wilderness

it was here that I led the first resistance

it is here where my brothers and sisters fight everyday

will it be for you someday something that you would call Home?

give yourself a chance

a chance to be yourself

  • Grand Master Tyco III, 0x333 first age of Khan.

it is a white desert that resembles the surface of the moon it has large craters from where the lava emerges and ruins that realize that in some era of the Earth there was a civilization that inhabited it. Its night light and constant mist make this dessert a very lonely and dangerous place the humans have used torches to illuminate the roads and the city that they built in this area, so as not to fall into the shadows cast by the high stone hills.

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