Metal City

MetalCity is an old metal mine, which is located on an immense sea of ​​lava. It is built with a volcanic stone of brown and gray tones obtained from this same stone mountain. A broad stone path leads to “The Forge of Yunke and the Hammer” where metals are melted and converted into weapons and armor. This road has at its sides columns and gutters that lead the lava to the same forge.

Beyond the forge, there is a significant crack that is crossed by a stone bridge which leads to the “Fuente de Lava” and to the entrance of a strange building where the ruins of an ancient city are found.

Metalcity is crowded with enemies who seek to conquer the place to appropriate the reserves of metals that still exist within their mines.

The constant presence of lava and enemies, make this map a terrible place to travel. Only the most active humans can enter this mine to protect the metal that lies within its rocks.

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