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After the great meteor shower that hit Khan, strange creatures began to wander through the inhospitable places in search of the few humans that have managed to survive in the desert lands of this world.

These creatures are controlled by an extraterrestrial race that humans called “Reptilians” and their sole purpose is to destroy every vestige of nature and humanity.

In addition, other evil creatures have begun to populate this world with the sole purpose of exterminating humans and seize the little water left in this place.

The Reptilians

The Reptilians are a race from the ends of the universe that seek to take over all existing worlds. They can manipulate magic and have a high affinity for technology. They have fought countless races and destroyed the most powerful civilizations, dominating or eradicating them.

They arrived at Khan through a portal which brought with it a deadly meteor shower. He intended to seize this remote world to drain all his energy and continue traveling to conquer the universe. But, their intentions we hampered by the presence of humans, who have defended the planet with all their strength.

Currently, the Reptilians are hiding in the depths of Khan looking for ways to eradicate humans and conquer this desolate world.

The Nightcrawler

The Nigthcrawler are giant creatures from another dimension that were dominated and are now used to attack any living being that approaches the bedrooms where the reptilians rest.

Giant Orcs and Orcs

The orcs are a race of beings from another dimension, who came to Khan to support the reptilians in their conquest of the World. Their great strength and hard body make them very effective warriors at the time of combat in the desert. They do not need water to live, they only drink the blood of the enemies they defeat and they feed on any living being they encounter on their way.

Giant Skeletons and Skeletons

Magically animated, the skeletons are undead that have risen from their tombs to support the reptilian army in the struggle for the conquest of Khan. They usually appear near cemeteries, catacombs or ruins. They are very skilled in the use of the sword.


Man snakes are beings that arrived with the Reptilians and are characterized by their great capacity in combat and their poisonous claws capable of defeating the most powerful creature. They have the mission to find the water of Khan to extract it from the places and take it to the reptilian base that is hidden somewhere in this desert world.


The giant spiders were born in the depths of Khan, when the reptilians came to this world in search of a large amount of water. With the reptilian magic endowed them with a great intelligence to add them to the infernal host.


Of all the creatures existing in Khan, the Ooze are the strangest since they were born out of nowhere and have spread throughout the world. They feed on the energy of humans and their stench makes them very unwanted in this world.


The men rocks, are other creatures created by the reptilians. They are a mixture of Orcs and rocks. The only thing that has in his mind is to annihilate all human beings. You can not ration with them. Only fight or start.


Scorpions are the only beings that managed to survive the cataclysm that occurred with the meteor shower that hit the world. Thanks to its thick shell and its powerful venom that can shoot at a great distance, they turn them into dangerous creatures that humans have hunted to build weapons and poisons.


These creatures come from a very dark world. They eat light and water. They are experts in finding water wells and that is why the reptilians have transported them to this world. They were trained to attack humans as soon as they appeared on their way.


Other creatures from another world in order to find the trail of humans. They are considered a small abomination among the malignant creatures that exist in Khan.


An indescribable horror


Ghosts are interdimensional entities that accompany reptilians in each of their missions. They have concentrated on the catacombs and their psychic power is very powerful. Humans fear these beings that have multiplied in recent years, to the extent that humans have been falling in battles.

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