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    Item Name Item Class Dropped By Found in Can Be Crafted?
    red bow bow Orc Skin + Poo
    battle shield shield
    fire orb orb Coal + Pearl
    Bone Stick melee
    Bone Sword melee
    Black Bone Stick melee
    Black Bone Sword melee
    Black Bone Axe melee
    Mega Water Potion consumible
    Big Water Potion consumible
    Mini Water Potion consumible
    Wings of liberty helmet
    Bone Axe melee
    Bone Morning Star melee
    Bone Spear melee
    Scroll material
    Orc Skin material orc oasys
    Rat Skin material giant rat moonscape
    Pearl material ooze moonscape
    Venom material scorpion oasys
    Bone material skeleton oasys
    Lizard Skin material chuul moonscape
    Fang material sethy metalcity
    Black Bone Morning Star melee Black Bone + Fang
    Black Bone Spear melee
    Venom Dagger melee Lizard Skin + Venom
    Bug Sword melee
    Bug Axe melee
    Bug Sabre melee
    Bug Spear melee
    Red Bug Leg melee
    Red Bug Sword melee
    Red Bug Axe melee
    Red Bug Sabre melee
    Red Bug Spear melee
    Scale Stick melee
    Scale Sword melee
    Scale Axe melee Horn + Poo
    Scale Broadsword melee
    Scale Spear melee
    Headband helmet Rat Skin + Pearl
    Battle Helmet helmet
    Helm of War helmet
    Great War Helmet helmet
    Blue Scale Stick melee
    Blue Scale Sword melee
    Blue Scale Axe melee
    Blue Scale Broadsword melee
    Blue Scale Spear melee
    Magic Staff melee
    Lizard Amulet armor Pearl + Lizard Skin
    Metal War Armor armor Bone + Orc Skin
    Light Armor armor Poo + Fang
    Obsidian Armor armor
    Black Bone material giant skeleton metalcity
    Staff melee
    Orc Skull material
    Coal material chunk sewers
    Sharp Stone material creep sewers
    Horn material wharen sewers
    Poo material ungol metalcity
    Antidote material
    Chain material
    Poison Arrow arrow Sharp Stone + Venom
    Explosive Arrow arrow
    Health Aura card
    Speed Aura card
    Skorpion Sting Invokation +25 card
    Captain Axe melee
    Captain Shoulder armor


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