New weapons with new effects

More powerful weapons to face the horrors existing in this infinite desert

“After the sudden appearance of wild creatures roaming cities and villages, the inhabitants of Khan had to make more powerful weapons and learn new combat tactics to defend themselves from the constant attacks of these creatures. As it was like this for years, they were concentrated developing the art of war, until they finally managed to evolve and achieve more accurate attacks … “ - Master Tyco

For this update we’ve focused on improving the combat experience, adding 6 new types of effects on certain weapons each time they make a critical hit:

Weapon: Blue scale sword / Freeze effect: 2 pts. of damage every 3 seconds, 3 times.

Weapon: Red bug saber / Burn effect: 3 pts. of damage every 3 seconds, 2 times

Weapon Captain ax / Bleed effect: 1 pt. of damage every 3 seconds, 3 times

Weapon Venom dagger / Poison effect: 1 pt. of damage every 3 seconds, 2 times

Weapon: Bone morning star / Stun effect: 6 seconds stun

Weapon: Black bone sword / Lifedrain effect: drains 10% of the attack when the hit is critical. With this new feature, fights will become funnier, allowing you to advance through several maps and going through all the corners, challenging the hordes of enemies that will seek to annihilate you and keep you away from the hidden secrets of Khan.

We invite you to brandish your best weapon and see us on the battlefield!