Jumping and improved combat system

You can reach new hights and sneak up on monsters from the air.

Life in Khan has always been difficult and the struggle to survive an everyday task. That’s why all kinds of weapons, armor, and objects have been invented/recreated as well as combat techniques that allow humans to defeat each of the enemies they face everyday. One good day, an unknown warrior arrived to town as if air moved him. This is how jumping was re-discovered in Khan, an action that the scholars of the time defined as “To rise oneself off the ground using vital energy otherwise used to run”. This new movement has spread all over Khan, and now all the warriors can rise themselves from a tricky situation and flee to tell the tale.

In this new update:

  • Improved melee fights
  • Player moves forward when attacking.
  • Chance to cause knockback on Melee attack.
  • Magic cycle cost rebalanced.
  • Music fix
  • New design of Items
  • New missions
  • Freshwater wells now recover life!
  • New sounds

You’re invited, now come in and play!

See you in Khan!