More quests, items and enemies

New enemies and new quest to obtain more powerful weapons!

The fight for the last tree in the continent has begun.

Reptilian hordes seek to put an end to the last vestige of nature known to human race.

Warriors are organizing to kill and hopefully scare the enemy and they need your help!

In this new update we have added new missions on the Oasys map so you can explore and know this desolate desert and protect the last tree from the reptilian stench.

We have also fixed the following problems that have been reported by players:

  • Optimization of map icons

  • New pterodactyl call icon

  • Now you can fight if you get on top of a block of water

  • Improved lighting of maps

  • Improvement in the appearance of chest

  • Animation in the XP bar

  • Enhanced shooting of arrows

Thank you very much for supporting us with your ideas, bug reports and, above all, for believing in this project that grows every day.