Frequently Asked Questions

This are some of the most common questions asked by users

Can I earn real Bitcoin while playing?

Yes. every time you receive earnings from selling items or winning awards, your hammercoin wallet will be credited with bits (fractions of bitcoins). You can cash out those earnings any time using the transfer command inside the game. Once you transfer bitcoins outside the game you can spend them anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

Am I allowed to make a profit selling items on the market?

Market prices change every week, so it’s possible to buy low, sell high. However, since everyhing is measured in Bits (1 millionth of a Bitcoin) profist most likely will be very tiny.

Is this a Bitcoin faucet or a real game?

We are committed to create a full action RPG experience with a compelling story, gameplay and worlds to explore. We are determined to award the most skilled and dedicated players, in contrast to a faucet that spills coins with random numbers.

How do you earn money while giving away Bitcoin?

Our business model is to sell the game and cosmetic items.

Is it normal to die many times in a row?

This is an early access game, and sometimes that means we are experimenting with the difficulty. We are always looking out for the data that is generated duting this early access period to make the game better balanced.

Do I lose something when I die?

You never lose your items or it’s durability. If you have experienced item loss doe to a glitch, please contact us

What are the system requirements?

Please check the requirements page.