The Secret Chest

We are rewarding the best players with a small treasure to look for in the various maps of Hammercoin.

Hello friends,

We’d like to share with you that this week we’ve been working on new missions and integrate a new feature: Secret Chests!

Every few minutes, in a difficult area of a random map we’ll be hiding a chest, so the best players in Hammercoin can have a little incentive. When that happens, you will notice a “gift” icon in the minimap, alerting you that a loot chest is nearby. If you can to get to it before anyone else, you’ll be awarded a few Bits (fractions of Bitcoin).

In the future we will be experimenting with different types and amounts of rewards. So stay tuned!

Also, new quests are available for all maps. In these quests we have included new items that you’ll have to craft.

In addition, this new update also contains:

  • New HP bars
  • Fixes in items icons
  • New slider to change the volume of the FX
  • New Map Design